Basic Strategy in Blackjack

The most important basic strategy in playing blackjack is to know your basic strategy. It’s always useful to have some kind of guideline to follow because it will let you win more often and also, the more you win the more you play! I’ll be honest and short with you: there are no ‘secrets’ to making money in blackjack. There are no magical cards or numbers that you can cheat with. No strategy ‘secrets’ at all. Just a simple plan of attack and a willingness to put in the work to master it.

basic strategy blackjack

You need to learn how to spot good opportunities and bad ones. For example, if someone is offering to double you money, don’t take it. If someone says they are going to get four free cards, don’t take it. The basic strategy in blackjack is to not give away everything you are worth and to keep all your chips hidden and safe. That’s why you get hands like Chandler anthem or Diskus – they were only worth two to three chips maximum! Keep those chips hidden until you have made a killing!

As you can see, the basic strategy in blackjack involves watching the other players and taking advantage of every situation. If someone is bluffing, then you should be careful, but if they really want to bluff then it can be difficult to tell. The basic strategy in blackjack basically teaches you how to evaluate all the possibilities in the table and then make decisions. There are no guarantees, but by using common sense and doing your own research, you can become a very successful blackjack player!

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