Basic Strategy in Blackjack

If you are looking for a good introduction to blackjack, then I would highly recommend that you start with the blackjack basics. This is where you learn about some of the basic rules or “strategy” that is used in the game. Some people even call it a “rule” because there really is no hard and fast rules in the game. It’s more of a common sense approach. We’ll talk about some basic strategy in a second though.

basic strategy blackjack

The first thing that we need to discuss is the basic strategy that you should use while you are playing. When you first sit down at your table, try not to spread out your money. Generally, the more people you have playing at the same time, the more prone you are to lose some. Spread out your money and don’t put any of your non-players money into the pot until you see that the house edge (the amount of coins in the pot that the house has lost on each hand) is less than your starting hand. If it is, then it’s a good idea to play that hand and keep your other hands at a minimum size too.

Next, we’ll talk about some specific blackjack strategy, like playing for a straight or a flush at the end of the game. One good way to increase your chances of winning is to play for the nuts. Basically this means that you always want to be behind in the pot – whether you have a full house or not – when you have the chance to get the ball rolling. Another great blackjack strategy is to always double-up your bet when you have an opportunity to. This means staying in on the flop, but also making sure not to play your cards all the way.

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