Blackjack Rules – Get it Right and Enjoy a Great Time

There are many rules that can be broken when playing Blackjack, these rules however are not specifically known or listed, however there are some basic principles that can be followed in order to increase your chances of winning. The basic rule is that aces and kings do not equal. Basic Blackjack Rules: Aces are valued 10, aces are valued 11 or more, and aces are valued less than 10. Every player starts with two tickets, one from the dealer, of course, and one from the table.

To play blackjack you must first choose a number and remove one from the deck. Then the player with the best chance of winning, (the highest rating in the player list) must call, (the number is on the left of the player name). After the call, if the other players have already forfeited they must surrender their cards, if no one has, the player with the best chance of winning must keep their cards and the dealer will reshuffle the deck and deal another set to the players.

Now the player who just called will be dealt a new hand, depending on what the original player chose, if no initial deal was made. If an initial deal was made, the player may choose to either call (if any), double, or fold. If the original player chose to double, the dealer will announce that a draw will follow, by showing the cards and revealing if the player picked a card or a combination. The dealer will then deal two cards to each player, to determine which player has been dealt a hand and how many cards remain. If there are no cards left to be dealt, the game is over, and the dealer will pick up the cards and return them to the deck and begin another round of betting. This is why it is important for blackjack rules to be followed strictly.

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