Blackjack Tables

If you are looking for tips on how to choose the right blackjack table, then read on. Below you will find the basic plan of how a typical blackjack table is laid out. You will see that the blackjack table generally has a rectangular shape, or occasionally (rarely) a semi-rectangular shape. The dealer usually stands behind the table, to the left of the players, in front of the playing area.

blackjack table

Different types of blackjack tables are available. Some decks are dealt from two decks, while others may be dealt from three decks. A table with more decks will have larger betting limits. Also, some decks are dealt from a high two-card limit, and others may be dealt from a low one card limit. The higher the number of decks dealt on a blackjack table, the higher the maximum bet that can be made, and the lower the betting limits.

Each player enters the casino holding a hand amount of chips, which is referred to as starting money. Starting money is not real money, but a fraction of actual chips that the player has been dealt. The starting chips are shown on the blackjack table, under the dealer’s seat. When a player wins a hand, they take their starting chips and their opponents’ starting chips, and the new total is the amount of starting chips that both players had.

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