Using a Blackjack Strategy Guide

Blackjack strategy guides are the absolute best and most effective way to master basic strategy at blackjack. The guide contains numerous rules and permutations that are directly applicable to any online blackjack casino, and even some live land-based casinos as well. Following the recommended actions displayed on the strategy chart enables you to play blackjack using a calculated mathematical algorithm that will give you a slight edge over your opponents and hopefully more favorable odds.

Most players counting cards (sometimes called “uryagers”) make blackjack strategy calculations using just the random results of the die roll, the raise or the re-raise, and the initial buy/sell agreement with the dealer. Often times a novice player is overwhelmed by these random numbers and tends to call at the wrong times, resulting in costly mistakes. Some players count cards by any means necessary, disregarding the random results entirely. While this may occasionally help a player win a hand, it usually results in losing hands quickly and without warning.

A better blackjack strategy for any player is to calculate the odds of winning the hand and then look for a specific player that meets these odds before making a play. For instance, if the player considers that it is likely he will hit a five-card flop, the player should either stay in and try to hit a five-card flop or cut his losses and fold if he hits no cash. If a player hits a set and ends up having to surrender because there was no five-card flop, the player should be aware that a set hit is much better than a single hit, and that the two cards could have been a seven or eight card turn depending on the layout of the table and whether or not the casino has used its stop-loss function.

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